Membership Definitions

* A NEW MEMBER is someone who was not a member last year
Family Memberships with Children
Shall be for the member, his/her spouse or domestic partner, all unmarried children of his/her family until said children reach age 19, unless full time student, then age  22.
Must provide names and ages of children on membership form when joining.

Family Memberships without Children

Shall be for the member and his/her spouse or domestic partner and shall not confer membership upon his/her family.


Single Membership

Shall be for the individual only and not confer membership upon his/her spouse or family.

***Member Plus Guest Pass

Good for one guest accompanied by a member. One guest per visit per membership per day. Can be added to a single or family membership. This must be designated in one member's name. Good during open golf only, no tournaments etc. Can be purchased by any member, new or existing. The Senior and Military discounts are not applicable.

**Junior-Collegiate Membership (Student Membership)

Such membership shall be open to all persons between the ages of 12 until graduation from high school, college or graduate school. Said membership shall be open to all such persons who are not members by any reason of family membership must be full time student until age 24. Must provide Student ID and Driver's license upon request.


Download Membership Application Form Here

All membership is subject to Board approval.



Cart Lease Rules and Cart Rental Rules

Must be at least 16 years of age with a valid drivers license to drive a leased cart or rental cart. A Cart lease is $700 per year and cart rentals $12.00 plus tax for 9 holes on weekdays and weekends and $22.00 plus tax for 18 holes on weekdays and weekends.


Cart Shed Rental

The Cart Space Rental for $200.00 (Gas) & $275 (Electric) is in designated cart sheds and is for a one-year period, (May 1, 2024 through April 30, 2025).


Cart Trail Fees

This fee is collected to allow members and non-members to use their personal carts while golfing. This fee can be an annual one time fee of $100, or a set pay as you go fee of $5.00 for 18 holes per day.

Clubhouse Event Hall Rental Rate

$150 for members and $175 for non-members.